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Friday, September 03, 2010

Instructions How To Use Easy Loading Blogger Template

To use this template, is very simple way. But there are some things that need you know on some parts of this template, so you can get maximum results. This template provides advantages, especially this template its so FAST LOADING PAGE. This is because this template uses only one image are used in the background body. Besides, these templates are also ready for adsense, namely section header with the size of 728x90, 120px width sidebar and a column 300px and 300px width footter well.

This template header section, there are TWO COLUMNS. The first is a column for the header and description of your left hand. The size of this column is 240px wide, while the height is up to you. However, I scored so high the size you use is 90px, so balanced with the high in the second column. Important note, if you want to install this header on the logo image column, please make a logo with pure black background. While the second column on the right there, specifically for installing the widget with width 728px and height 90px, really ideal for installing your adsense size.

Term Of Service Easy Loading Blogger Template

First, i would like to say thank you for using this template. I made this template for the progress of blogs with Blogger Platform. I made this template with a lot of time, and even less time consuming and my activity self. But it did not matter to me. As long as we do something postif, would provide a useful thing. Please use this template with respect to the following rules :

First, do not change the credit link at the bottom of this template. delete or modify this template links, as well as premises did not appreciate my work. Second, this template for free, not for sale. for it is forbidden to sell this template to any company or business without my knowledge, and Third, after you see a live demo of this template, please leave your comment. this is important as an input for me to make a template that is much better in the future.


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